A Close-Knit & Skilled Team.

With a Passion to help our clients succeed

We really enjoy working with a wide variety of clients, helping them grow their businesses and seeing them flourish and succeed. Our highly versatile team has a breadth of skills in marketing, development and design. This allows us to produce robust digital projects of the highest quality. 

Redder believes teamwork and communication is paramount to a good flow. We take pride in the results we achieve. Mixing our wide range of skills at every possible stage to get the best possible end results for our clients. 

Communication is key to any of our projects. Our team is friendly and approachable, we are always happy to have a chat!

The Teams.


Managing Director

Adam - Redder Ltd

Adam G.

Sales Director

Adam K.

Lead Developer

Mattie - Redder Ltd


Lead Marketing Coordinator

Lola The Office Dog


Office dog