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Art Gallery Clothing is a collection of Mod influenced menswear including slim fit button down shirts and knitwear inspired by the sixties. All available through a slick and stylish e-commerce shop.

The Project

Giving an iconic London boutique a suitably stylish online shop

In the world’s centres of fashion, London has its own special place. The subcultures of Mods and Rockers in the 1960s led to a string of films and diverging styles, which for Mods was encapsulated in the Who album and film Quadrophenia. Art Gallery Clothing is a London gents boutique that specialises in clothing inspired by Mod fashion for a clean cut and impeccable finish.

Art Gallery Clothing have been working with Redder since 2012. Our friends at AddToTaste, who are their advertising agency of choice, came to us to help build the first iteration of Art Gallery’s online store from their design. The project focused on capturing the essence of the product range and the coolness of the brand while making the shopping experience simple and painless. The original store was a bespoke solution using the Symfony PHP framework, and ran for five years, helping to build the Art Gallery Clothing brand.

In 2016, Art Gallery decided it was time to refresh the website. Time, design, technology and internet speeds had all marched on and we were tasked with building a new, quick and modern ecommerce website. Once again, Redder collaborated with AddToTaste on the style and design.

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The Result

This time, we opted for a WordPress website and WooCommerce as the ecommerce engine. The design was bespoke, so our ace development team went to work building a fully bespoke theme. Doing this enables us to get a pixel-perfect rendition of Art Gallery’s inimitable style, with large, clear navigation and product images and a seamless shopping experience. The big advantage to a fully-bespoke theme (and minimal use of additional plugins) is that the site remains quick and responsive to use because it is designed specifically for what the site does – and nothing else.

Art Gallery Clothing have seen good growth in sales and the introduction of the new site in 2017 was a big boost. The use of larger, clearer images meant a better view of the products, and the consistent, crisp style has given the whole site an even better sense of the boutique’s vision.

We host the Art Gallery site and regularly update and maintain the store’s online security and monitor performance, as well as supporting by making any changes as required. Redder are here to quietly ensure smooth running.

Redder have looked after the Art Gallery Clothing website for nearly a decade now & have always been a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

Alex Banks

Art Gallery Clothing

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