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The LRI is a global provider of information on the rice industry and a leading source of benchmark price assessments for rice. Since 2011, the Live Rice Index has provided reliable information and market insights. The LRI is a subscription-only service which provides differentiated tiers of access to and the LRI Reports. Their aim is to provide accurate information and robust price assessments, which assist market participants in making sound business and trading decisions, whilst enabling the world’s rice markets to operate with greater transparency and efficiency. In doing so, we hope to equip rice market participants with the tools that they need to better manage their exposure to risk.

Redder has been involved with LRI since its inception.


LRI needed a fully bespoke subscription based system to enable users of different capabilities to view accurate information and robust price assessments of the Rice market. This system would need to serve dynamic content to subscriber levels including: Graphs to compare rice price history Country specific & industry news Rice reports Live rice prices We also needed to build a secure payment gateway to handle subscription payments. On top of the subscriber side the system would need to have a ‘public’ view, enticing users to subscribe and join their services.

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To tackle this project our Senior Developer built this system from scratch using bespoke software. This enabled use to build the system to LRI’s exact specifications and streamline everything to work efficiently. All of LRI’s data that is being served to the system needed to be converted into easy to understand actionable graphs. This means our Senior Developer had to program a recipe for the data to make sense. The system is not only able to serve actionable graphs but this has been integrated with World Pay to handle all the subscriptions payments with automatic reminders to resubscribe.

Since starting with LRI all those years ago, we have worked very closely on several of their new projects, including a complete events systems.

LRI Website Showcase

Redder have been designing and developing the Live Rice Index website for many years now. With the guidance of Redder, our website has evolved from a single html page, with two simple download links, to a fully interactive, responsive and increasingly customisable online portal. Redder have always demonstrated a flair for design but they are equally adept at focussing on the marketing of your website and the user experience, whilst being sympathetic towards your budgetary constraints. Meeting with the Redder team to discuss our upcoming projects is always a pleasure because of how communicative they are. They listen and devote time to understanding both your products and users; they are innovative and constantly trying to add value but they do not leave you feeling bamboozled by technical jargon. We recently launched a revamped homepage with a consolidated newswire, with search and filter functionality and we couldn’t be any happier with the results. We receive regular compliments for the modern aesthetics of our website, which we truly believe is now an industry leader; thanks to the team at Redder.



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