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Splash Interactive design and build bespoke eLearning packages to make online training fun and engaging. After years of running a successful production company, Key Productions, Splash Interactive founders Sophie and Sam Key have answered a growing need from existing clients to transform their training materials into a more intuitive and interactive medium.


There is a huge amount of competition in the eLearning and online training space. Splash Interactive were keen to highlight their unique selling points:

  • Bespoke course development
  • Engaging, interactive experiences
  • Ensuring that audiences enjoy the training
  • Delivering on the requirement to test that content is understood

The courses that Splash Interactive have designed for their existing clients use lots of animation, audio, questions and user engagement to click, slide, drag and drop content. This engages the person learning to take part in the eLearning experience rather than just watching a video or reading static content on their computer screen.

Splash Interactive had created a basic brand, with a logo and a small colour palette, and they also developed a demo for visitors to their website to try out.

With all this in mind, we worked with Sophie and Sam to develop a style and some concepts for the design of the website and how visitors might be engaged in a similar way to their eLearning courses. We devised a plan that incorporated:

  • Design elements based on water in various guises
  • Maintaining the limited colour palette from the brand
  • Using animation and interactive elements in an engaging way
  • Incorporating audio to enhance the experience
  • Devise a flow through the website that takes users through all the content

As part of Splash Interactive’s relationship with Redder, we maintain and support the system to ensure it remains tip top for their customers, and we work with Sam and Sophie to add amendments and enhancements when they’re needed.

Screenshots from Splash Interactive eLearning's website

Have a play on Splash Interactive’s website to see how Redder’s work all came together! (link opens in a new browser window)

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