BLAZING FAST WEBSITES. Complex business systems. MOBILE APPS.


Using market leading technology to solve digital challenges in the modern world. Simple blazing fast websites that make users click to complex business systems that make life slick. Our solutions are focused on solving the challenges you face.


Our versatile team has a range of mixed skills in marketing, development and design, and we create business websites that make visitors feel inspired and the companies behind them thrive. On every project we receive, we believe it’s paramount to work hard as a team, blending our skills at every stage of the project. This is the key to achieving the best possible results for our clients.


All people are unique and have their own ideas about how to achieve greatness in their field. Their websites and the opportunities for growth and innovation should reflect this uniqueness. We believe your software, including your site, should be configured to work the way you want it to. To provide you with the information you need to do your best work. To provide your customers with exactly what they need from you.

We create bespoke digital systems to go hand-in-glove with you and everyone who uses them and relies on them. When you get a bespoke system, it’s created to fit you and your business perfectly.


Need bespoke booking software? A website to work seamlessly with another system you already use? A website with custom functionalities? We can help.

Our development team will build you a tailored website designed and built to be as secure as Fort Knox, faster than Usain Bolt and search engine optimised like … a boss.

At Redder we have a development team of innovative problem-solvers who love a challenge and delight in crafting brilliant solutions in beautiful code. They work with our skilled designers to carefully balance the branding, design and user journeys, giving your users the best experience with your website.


We’re discovering more than ever that the internet is the key to allowing us to working easily together and from different locations. Necessity drives us to invent new ways to communicate with – and provide for – each other. At Redder, we design and build web-based apps (which can be used on any device with a browser) as well as native apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Bin all those spreadsheets and emails! A tailored system for your business allows you to engage with customers and colleagues to streamline your business. Generate leads, process information and remove barriers between you and everyone you work with. Give us a call or drop us a line and we can discuss how we can get your business running like a racehorse.
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Awesome website? Check.
Slick business system? Check.
Now what happens? You need your online system hosted and maintained, and not all hosting is equal. At Redder, we believe that creating an brilliant website or system is just the beginning. Our hosting is designed, configured, honed and monitored to keep your system not just available, but quick, slick and secure. We keep a constant watch on our servers with uptime monitoring and sophisticated logging, and we make sure we have several contingency plans should the worst happen. Regular backups, version control and secure access all mean we provide a service that’s just what you need.

If you already have a website and you’re not happy with your current hosting service, we’re happy to take over and give you the support you deserve.

Get in touch to have a chat about your site hosting and support.
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Our Previous Work

Since we began in 2004, we have worked with a wide range of clients in varying industries. We are very proud of our team for the consistent work they have delivered for our clients. Our main goal is always to reach and surpass client satisfaction.

Redder is a Universal Digital Agency with offices in Wiltshire & Surrey in the UK. Universal? We cover all bases, we work with clients all over the world,  helping them grow their businesses. Our services comprise of three main sectors

Design, Development & Marketing.


Search engine

Reliable & trustworthy

Web Development


Search Engine


Copywriting &
Content Marketing


Analytics Insights &


Design, Branding &

Don’t just take our word for it

“During the current coronavirus pandemic, … we have been pleased with the effective and quick response we have received from the team who have provided support and guidance to ensure we have a donor friendly website which is easy to navigate.”

Southmead Hospital Charity

Southmead Hospital Charity

“Here at First Community we find the support and services provided by Redder excellent. Adam is always helpful and finds ways to deal with all our questions in a non-technical way that we can understand.”

Oonagh Park

First Community Health & Care

“Redder have looked after the Art Gallery Clothing website for nearly a decade now & have always been a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended. “

Art Gallery Clothing logo

Alex Banks

Art Gallery Clothing

“Mattie is excellent at improving optimisation and sales from our site have dramatically increased. “

Tam Leisure Logo

Janet Roberts-West

TAM Leisure

“Very pleased with The Redder Adwords team’s management of our account over the last couple of years. We at Spa Plating look forward to many further productive years of collaboration to come! Highly recommended!”

Denise Palmer

Spa Plating

“Redder have been an excellent choice for constructing and developing our website. Adam and the team are very easy to talk to and quick at responding to any requests. We would thoroughly recommend them as website developers.”

Tam Leisure Logo

Janet Roberts-West


“We have built a professional and valuable relationship and intend to use Redder as our agency in the foreseeable future.”

Direct Exercise Logo


Direct Exercise

“We truly believe our revamped website is now an industry leader, thanks to the team at Redder.”


Live Rice Index

“We have been using Redder for our branding, website & SEO for a few years now and I must say that we couldn’t be more impressed with their professionalism, expertise and creative skills.”

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“Working with Redder is one of the best decisions I have made for my businesses”

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