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Is email marketing still relevant in a world of Social Media?

Marketing, particularly in todays digital world, is constantly evolving. The minute we feel happy and confident with our strategy, the goalposts move as a new technique, platform or a change in algorithm emerges. One marketing strategy, however, has stood the test of time and continues to prove its worth despite the changing landscape. That strategy… Read more »

Why does your website need a Cookie Popup?

What is a website cookie? Web browsers store small pieces of data that refer to functions and connections on the websites you visit. They can be used to remember your preferences, keep you logged into services or track your behavior on the website, or across multiple websites. They’re one of the reasons you see adverts… Read more »

8 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today

The main aim for most businesses to start blogging is to help them rank better organically and drive more conversions.

We’ve put together 8 reasons your business should start blogging today.

Could Live Chat drive more leads to your business?

1 Faster response means more leads Customers who’ve had to wait up to 48 hours for a response are most likely no longer thinking about your product or business. You could well have lost that potential customer to someone else who sells something similar. By using live chat you can engage the customer as they… Read more »

Effective On Page SEO

Page Content In previous SEO years, it used to be that content needed to be written for search engines, using methods such as ‘keyword stuffing’. Now that just doesn’t fly. Your page content is one of the biggest ranking factors for SEO. If your content is rubbish, your SEO will be heavily affected too. It’s… Read more »

Optimising content for Mobile

Visiting sites on mobile is more popular than ever – marketers must maximise on every opportunity presented by mobile visits. With small devices content needs to be delivered quickly, efficiently and unique challenges must also be met. We visited the Marketing Live conference in March 2018 and found out tons of useful advice. Here are… Read more »

Design. What’s so important about it and why should you care?

Bit of design history. The invention of printing with movable metal type by Johannes Gutenberg in fifteenth century Europe started a revolution in communication. Prior to this in Europe, texts and books had been painstakingly copied by hand by scribes whose design was driven by the process of hand decoration, and books were thus so… Read more »

Why is Digital Marketing important?

Digital marketing is the umbrella term used for all your online marketing. 50% of the earth’s population are online and using the internet. Due to this vast percentage, traditional marketing efforts are no longer enough. Today’s digital marketing is about communicating with your customers on a personal level in a place they spend most of… Read more »

Why is rocket speed important for websites?

Your website speed may be the last thing on your mind but the speed of your website affects much more than you think! Bounce rates, search ranking, page views and general user satisfaction can be affected by the speed of your website. With all of these in the mind, at the end of the day… Read more »

The Ideal Length of Everything

We live in a time where brands are fighting for everyone’s attention, and we all consume fast-food-like information bites every day – quick, convenient and dirty. Each platform has its audience: young people, old people, tech people, business people, all sorts of people. Each audience has its attention span. So, as a brand, it’s important… Read more »