Rota System Displayed on Screens

Don’t let scheduling add to your stress

Schedule your staff & volunteers with ease

Our volunteer rota system is built to let you help others without the headache of trying to schedule your staff or volunteers. Ideal for Charities.

Our system is built by an expert team of web developers. We pride ourselves on making sure our rota system works for you. Not only is this packed full of features but if you need anything custom please get in touch.

Who can use our system?

We thoroughly understand the importance of inclusivity and this is designed for volunteers of all ages (and IT abilities) to be able to manage their own shifts. Including admins to be able to manage shifts.

When teaming with Redder for your volunteer rota we will provide solid training for those who need it. One more thing you don’t need to worry about!

Volunteer of all ages

How can our system help?

Multiple rotas on tabbed calendars

Individual logins for all volunteers

Admin login for system management

Simple to use and optimised for tablet and mobile use

Reminders by email and/or SMS

Manage shift times

Block out days using Holidays manager

Extra shift facility

Announcement feature

View volunteer activity.

Get In touch with our team

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