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Could Live Chat drive more leads to your business?

The addition of live chat has changed customer service for websites dramatically. Customers being able to speak to someone immediately leads to them being more likely to stay than a customer that has had to leave the site and wait for a reply from something such as a contact form. Here’s our list of 6 reasons why you should start using live chat right now.


Faster response means more leads

Customers who’ve had to wait up to 48 hours for a response are most likely no longer thinking about your product or business. You could well have lost that potential customer to someone else who sells something similar. By using live chat you can engage the customer as they are browsing your site meaning you capture them at the exact right time. 


live chat bots help when you can’t

In the past live chat bots were very limited and didn’t really help the customer achieve – well, anything. The live chat bots that are available now however are highly sophisticated. In your absence, they can lead potential customers to relevant articles based on what they are searching for. They can also send you reminders to respond to the client as soon as you are available. Even when you are away handling other parts of your business you can know when people are interested in your website.


Live chat can Save you money

Yes it can. By using live chat you can use a single employee or agent to manage multiple requests and conversations at the same time so fewer people are able to manage customer queries and requests. Using live chat has also been shown to increase order value as customers unsure of items get responses to questions instantly and can be led quickly to the exact product they need.


Rise above competitors

Top quality customer service has always been a major factor when it comes to rising above the competition. Providing real-time customer service is a great way to stand out from the competition and raise your business to a new level.


Build relationships

Live chat is a fantastic way to not only get leads to convert once, but also build trust with clients and keep them coming back. Once a customer has had that simple, helpful real-time customer service experience, you open the door for more great service in the future. reports that 63% of customers who have used live chat come back over those who have not.


Keep with the times

Contact forms are becoming outdated. They’re still expected as a go-to part of a website, but often they don’t keep a customer engaged enough with products or your website so fewer leads are converted to sales. shows the example of Drift, who went a whole year without the use of contact forms and instead used a live chat bot to run a message saying “What brought you here to check out Drift?”. This message alone allowed over 60% of people who clicked on it to speak to a live sales rep. 

Live chat is one of the largest growing customer service tools being used and is a must have for almost any business. We can help you to set up and run live chat on your site. Contact Redder today to see what other great services we can offer. (Use our live chat)